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St John's Primary School

Christmas Concerts 2020

This year we will still had our Christmas Concerts but due to the COVID-19 restrictions they were filmed instead of inviting parents into school.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Group A-Kent, West Midlands, Norfolk and Merseyside 
Walking in a Winter Wonderland Group B-Sussex, City of London, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire 
Walking in a Winter Wonderland Group C-Berkshire, Warwickshire, Lancashire and Northumberland 
Nursery AM and ICAN
Nursery PM 
Reception Cornwall
Reception Somerset
Year 1 Kent Class
Year 1 Sussex 
Year 2 Berkshire Class 
Year 2 Berkshire Class and City of London 
Year 3 West Midlands Class 
Year 3 Warwickshire Class 
Year 4 Nottinghamshire Class 
Year 4 Norfolk Class
Year 5 Yorkshire Class 
Year 5 Lancashire Class 
Year 6 Merseyside Class 
Year 6 Northumberland Class